Why Imprint?

It was about 5 months before our first real big adventure with our family that we discovered the word imprint. Niko was just a little over 2 months and Kaia was cruising quickly to her second birthday, and we were about to do our first family hike as a new four-pack to Cheakamus Lake. I remember unloading them from the car , changing a diaper, getting them all ergo’d and  kid carrier’d up – probably looking like a total disaster family as we exploded the contents of our car in the parking lot. As we kind of pulled it together and were ready to start our walk, we ran into one of the teacher’s from the high school that Davin knew. They started chit-chatting and Davin started to tell him about how we were planning a big adventure abroad with the kids in the fall – but laughed at how much of a project it was just to go for a walk in the woods. The teacher laughed back and said what we were doing was great. We were imprinting.


We didn’t think much of his comment at the time, but as we started our walk through the forest we started discussing the word imprint and what that meant for us. We started thinking that if we could go on as many adventures as we could, and share as many experiences as we could with our kids at a young age, they may not remember them but those experiences would be imprinted on them and glued to their core.

We had this little epiphany on the trail that day, and we didn’t think about it again for another 5 months.

Fast forward 5 months.

We were on our big adventure, one that was potentially going to be wilder than being in our twenties and traveling Southeast Asia for the better part of 2007. Because this time, we were back in Southeast Asia, but with a 7month old and 2year old in tote. We were on a bus in Hong Kong, traveling back to the airport only having just come  from there the night before after a 13 hour flight from Vancouver.

Note to parents- always do more than one night for an international layover.

Delirious, hot and hungry we traveled 45min on the bus to the airport. Somewhere along the way, Davin looked at me with his blood shot, jet lagged eyes and said “imprint project, we are the imprint project.”

And it stuck. We had started injecting our kids with the vibrancy of life, and teaching them it’s lessons with experiences that were not in any textbook … but I perhaps plan to write one day.

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