A Year with a Different Brain

On March 18, 2016 Davin sustained a concussion. Today, is that one year anniversary. It brings an incredible mix of emotions. It has been the hardest year of our life - financially, mentally, physically and emotionally. We have cried more together than we have in our almost 20 years of time with each other. We … Continue reading A Year with a Different Brain

The Road Home

What a different view. I'm sitting at my dining room table looking out my third story window at the back side of houses, seeing people in their kitchen, glows from TV sets and spastic disco Christmas lights on building balconies a few blocks away. Sirens shriek out every so often, the soft hum of traffic … Continue reading The Road Home


Two days ago was our 4 year anniversary. Bah, 4 years, no big deal right? But for those of you who know us, know that we have been together for much longer than that. In fact, in the spring of 2017 we will have been together for 20 years. 20 years! ¬†You might wonder, or … Continue reading Love